Sheridan Lake Marina Rental Policies

Sheridan Lake Marina LLC (hereinafter called “the company”) policies are as follows:

Boat Rental Policy

All boat, watercraft and equipment rentals are limited to the confines of Sheridan Lake, Pennington County, South Dakota.

Persons who, in the opinion of the company, are intoxicated or otherwise impaired shall NOT be allowed to rent or operate any company boat. Intoxicated or otherwise impaired passengers may be removed from company boats if, in the opinion of the company, they present a danger to themselves or others. The company shall suspend rental boat operations and recall any company boats then out on the lake if weather conditions warrant.

You must be at least 21 years old for motorized and 18 years old for non-motorized boat or equipment rental. Must have a valid credit card and government-issued photo ID for all rentals. State Law prohibits persons under age 12 from operating a boat, even if under adult supervision. Children under the age of 7 must wear life jackets at all times while underway aboard any watercraft.

Rental boats have both main and auxiliary systems that can be complex. Main systems (propulsion, steering & safety) will be verified fully operational prior to departure. Inoperative auxiliary systems (radios, fish finders, indicator gages, live wells, canvas tops, etc) are not necessary for the safe operation of the boat and need not be fully operational prior to departure. While we strive to ensure that all systems are 100% operational for each rental, the company makes no guarantee that auxiliary systems will be operational at time of departure, and no allowance will be made for an inoperative auxiliary item.

Cabin Rental Policy


The primary person making cabin reservations must be at least 21 years of age, and that person must be one of the guests staying in the cabin during the reservation period. The primary person on the reservation is responsible for any damages, guest policy violations or other issue that may arise during the reservation period.

A 50% deposit is due at the time the reservation is made. Reservation deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE unless we are able to re-rent the cabin during the time you had it reserved. Balance of reservation fee is due at time of check-in. No smoking and no pets in any cabin.

Boat Reservations Policy

Reservations for ½ day and full day rentals are accepted up to 6 months in advance. 50% deposit via credit card is required at the time the reservation is made. We do not accept reservations for 2-hour rentals as they are first-come, first-served at the time of rental.

Boat & Equipment Rental Change Policy

Reservation changes are effectively a cancellation of an existing reservation, and are subject to the Cancellations Refund Policy.

Cancellations Refund Policy

Cabin reservation deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE unless we are able to re-rent the cabin during the time you had it reserved.

Boat rental reservation deposits for holiday weekend reservations (Friday through Monday) are non-refundable. All other boat reservations incur cancellation fees according to the following schedule:

Cancellation Date:
• >14 Days Prior  – No Charge / Full Refund
• 7 – 14 Days Prior  – 25% of deposit cancellation fee
• 2 – 7 Days Prior –  50% of deposit cancellation fee
• < 2 Days Prior – 100% of deposit / No refund

Hazardous Weather

If boating conditions are hazardous (ie, lightning or high winds) the company shall, at its sole discretion, refund boat rental fees on a pro-rated basis, subject to a 2-hour minimum rental charge.

Inclement Weather

We cannot guarantee weather conditions on the day of your rental. Deposits will not be refunded simply because of rain or hot / cold temperatures. If weather conditions allow for safe boating we expect rental boats will depart as scheduled.


The company provides its rental customers with free boat and watercraft embark / debark assistance services from an ADA accessible dock for customers with mobility needs.

Dock, Mooring & Storage

Refunds are pro-rated based upon the actual time occupied using the least complete rate period. Example: Monthly rental cancelled after 2 weeks 2 days will pay the weekly rental rate for 2 full weeks.

Dock / Slip Wait List

There is typically a wait list for in-water boat slips. To join the list, contact us via email or telephone to provide your contact information and a general description of your boat (size & type). There is a $50 fee to be placed on the list. If you accept the slip when offered, we apply the $50 fee towards your first season slip rent. If you decline the slip offered, you forfeit the $50 fee.